Gamescom 2017 is officially open and fresh speculation indicates that Kingdom Hearts 3 might make an appearance at the biggest gaming convention in Europe this week. It is likely that Square Enix might showcase a new gameplay footage and reveal additional details on the release of the hotly anticipated RPG.

Square Enix has a host of new video games to tease the fans at the annual trade show held in Germany. But what most of the fans will be interested in is whether the game developer has something new to show for its upcoming big titles, “Kingdom Hearts 3” and Final Fantasy 7” Remake.

New gameplay teasers possible

Game pundits believe that it is safe to assume that attendees might see some surprise teasers for KH 3 at Gamescom given that it is a huge title for release both in Japan and in the west. According to the studio, its development is making a smooth progress and could be nearing its completion for a 2018 launching.

It appears that Gamescom is one of the best platforms for the studio to showcase the upcoming JRPG and fuel the hype surrounding its release next year. So, fans can cross their fingers to get more information on its official release date.

Post D23 Expo, game director Tetsuya Nomura told the fans to watch out for the next follow-up report on the exact launch date of the game in 2018.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake tease unlikely

But will there be any possibility for the fans to also hear about “Final Fantasy 7” Remake? The chance may actually be slim but one can’t completely rule out that it could come out as a big surprise – just like its surprise debut at the PlayStation Experience in 2015.

On the other hand, recent news indicates that Square Enix has plans to launch a new gameplay trailer and a release date news on "FF 7 Remake" during the company’s special events.

On September 7, “Final Fantasy 7” will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary of release in North America and it is believed that the game developer might have something big for the fans to mark this fantastic milestone.

PC and Nintendo Switch port

Earlier, Nomura also revealed that Square Enix is looking into a possibility of launching KH3 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In his interview, he said that porting the game to other platforms other than Xbox One and PS4 is being considered.

The game director further explained that the company's decision to switch to using Unreal Engine 4 in the development of the game is what actually caused the delay in the release. Notably, it took years before the fans saw a brand new gameplay trailer since its initial announcement.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is currently in development for Xbox One and PS4 set for a 2018 release window.