"Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" updates and announcements come as the release date draws closer. Along with the game's trailer that was released months ago, the game's tutorial interface was presented as well. The tutorial contains the necessary information for beginners to boost their start. First, the players have to choose a character. Following this, they must choose the necessary skill sets that correspond to their play style. After that, they must choose a "Summon," which turns the tides of battle. Using all of these skillfully and mindfully leads to victory.

Furthermore, Square Enix gears up their game this summer. They will host a Closed Beta of the said game, the company announced at Evolution 2017. Of course, there are still numerous characters that will still be added to the character roster, as well as minor fixes to the interface. North America and Latin America can register and sign-up via North America official Square Enix website.

The announcement

The announcement was also made by Square Enix director Takeo Kujiraoka and producer Ichiro Hazama. The announcement video can be viewed via YouTube:

Everyone who has signed up for the closed beta will obtain a special access key, the producer and director mentioned. In addition, they also encourage other people and fans, who weren't able to attend EVO (Evolution 2017) to sign up and play the closed beta of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as well.

Moreover, they provided channels to follow for the latest updates and sneak peeks of the said game, including how to access and participate in such event.

Feedback is essential for the development and operation of the game

Director at Square Enix Takeo and producer Ichiro encourage everyone to participate and give feedback based on experience, gameplay, interface, and other necessary information that will help the further development of the said game.

The feedback will be used as a reference for the development and operations of the team behind Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. This will also provide a much user-friendly atmosphere and interface in the days to come.

The game is set for release this early 2018, next year on the PlayStation 4 console. For now, players are highly recommended to participate in the closed beta event to experience a new perspective of the popular fighting game. With Final Fantasy protagonists and antagonists, the game might become a potential e-sport in the future. It only takes a matter of time before that happens.