playstation vr games are getting popular just like other consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the everlasting PC. Virtual reality not just provides fun and excitement to players but also the immersive experience. This is a feature that is irreplaceable in PlayStation. In the future, there are hopes that more games like these will be released. Speaking of virtual reality, Oasis Games recently announced their upcoming PlayStation VR game this September entitled "Light Tracer."

Just like the title, the game involves light-tracing.

Players will guide the princess to different heights by letting her follow the light. Also, players should be careful because the princess' journey to save her people is not an easy one. Numerous obstacles are waiting for her as she climbs the tower. That is the reason why, you, the player should be guiding her to safety using the Light Staff.

Here is the game's trailer by Gematsu on YouTube:

I have two hands

Players will make use of their two hands in Light Tracer. This is an exciting gameplay experience for the PlayStation VR function. The immersive atmosphere and interface will make players as the overseer, a God, and the princess' guardian. The right-hand holds the rod of light, which leads the princess and her point of destination.

On the other hand, the left hand is for rotating the map and touching things that activate something such as levers and switches. It is really important to pay attention to the area.

Different maps, different strategies

There are approximately eight worlds in the game, according to Gematsu. A few of these worlds mentioned were Ice World, Gravity World, and Mechanical World.

Furthermore, each world is different from the other along with different strategies and monsters."Often the solution not only depends on your intellect but also in the way you look at things!" This is the reason why the left hand is a useful asset in looking for things. Viewing in different angles is important to find clues and switches to solve the puzzle.

Boss fights

This isn't an RPG-game, but there are boss fights in each chapter of Light Tracer. The chapter ends when the boss is defeated, granting access to another world. Of course, the bosses are located at the pinnacle of the tower.

The game is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and uses the VR function on September. There are no specific day and time but the month is guaranteed to be this September.