Despite the mess in Chicago’s Grant Park, “Pokemon GO” remains to be the most successful mobile game in recent memory. Its fame continues to bloom, especially after the addition of new features. The number of players grew as soon as Niantic released the Legendary creatures.

Recently, the studio added new items in “Pokemon GO.” These are potions, something that players can acquire as rewards in raids. Unfortunately, their introduction brought an issue. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Potions were added

According to Forbes, Niantic released a brand new update that brought the potions to the game.

They are simply one of the rewards in Raid Battles, a feature that the studio recently introduced. It is worth noting that in the game, the said feature provides the likes of Rare Candies, TMs, and even Golden Razzberries. Potions, on the other hand, are just one of them.

First and foremost, potions in “Pokemon GO” are somehow valuable. They give players a boost in fighting raid bosses, as they can help their creatures stay a bit longer in the fight. It should be noted, though, that revive can only give a downed pocket monster half health. So, to make it full, potions are used. However, this is where the main problem exists. That is because a good number of potions are needed to bring the health back to its maximum capacity.

Why is this a problem?

The issue here is actually about the fact that potions dilute the top-tier rewards in “Pokemon GO” raids. The titular Reddit community called The Silph Road suggests that raids reward the items as bundles. The studio can move forward with a random process, though. This way, Legendary raids can give up to eight bundled rewards.

They may consist of Rare Candies, TMs, Golden Razzberries, and even the new potions.

However, since this is not the way the reward system work in “Pokemon GO,” the experience becomes a lackluster. Potions only lower the chances of getting rewards that are much more valuable. This even goes without saying that both Super and Hyper potions are available in the game.

The two alone are enough to further dilute the reward pool. The Silph Road, nonetheless, said that this kind of change would still require in-depth research. Take note that a simple mistake in the reward system can significantly affect the gameplay experience of Raid Battles. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the bundle system will somehow work. Well, this is something that is worth looking forward to.