With three solid seasons behind it, and a fourth scheduled for release later this year, Netflix has successfully revived the classic mecha show "Voltron: Legendary Defenders". From its cell-shaded animation, mixing a Western style with anime to a satisfactory level, to its fast paced and engaging storyline; Netflix managed to create a kids show that is easy for adults and fans of the original show to watch.

"Dreamworks Voltron VR Chronicles" is going to be an episodic virtual reality game designed for the PlayStation VR. It will launch on September 26, in preparation for the fourth season coming out in October.

Become a pilot

Players will step into the legendary shoes of a Paladin pilot as they play through a story designed specifically for the game. Although we have not been told too much about the content or story, it should not be a retread of the cartoon's plot. As it uses the same animation style of the Netflix series, we can assume that it is meant to be taken as a side story to the main plot from the animation series.

In terms of gameplay, again the teaser is kind of vague. it mentions puzzles and challenges that have to be overcome, but there is no gameplay shown so we do not know if there is any actual combat. You step into the shoes of a Paladin pilot, but that does not necessarily mean that there will be action segments.

'Voltron: Legendary Defender'

The Galra Empire has expanded its power by destroying other civilizations and then using their captives for forced labor. As they reach a nearly unmeasurable strength, the hope of the free world lays with "Voltron", a huge mecha warrior compromised of five smaller robot lions known as Paladins. In a desperate attempt to not lose their one hope, King Alfor disbanded the giant mecha and sent the five lions to different areas of the universe, with the blue lion arriving in Earth solar system.

This results in five space pilots discovering the smaller mecha and being pulled into the large intergalactic war against the Galra Empire.

"Voltron: Legendary Defender" is brilliant, with the first season having a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It might seem like a children's show, a cartoon version of the "Power Rangers", but Netflix put in a lot of time and love into each and every frame. It is gripping, impactful, and just a whole lot of fun.

Hopefully, the VR adaptation will follow down the same path. As its cheaper price, it will probably be relatively short.