The popular game “GTA 6” is now making some noise. Apparently, an actor of the other favorite game, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” has leaked some information confirming the next installment of “Grand Theft Auto 6.”

Now on the working table?

Rockstar Games seems to be busy working now on the next installment of the high-speed game, “Grand Theft Auto.” The name of the upcoming game was allegedly seen on a GTA forum. The game “Grand Theft Auto 6” was included in the resume of a particular actor, Tim Neff. He is also a member of the forum.

Neff is a stunt actor, according to his resume.

His CV details the new game was listed under the “Motion Capture” category. Also, he also listed “Red Dead Redemption 2” in the same category.

What is motion capture?

Motion capture is the process of recording the action or movements of people or objects. It is usually called mo-cap and is utilized in robotics, military, medical applications, entertainment and validation of computer vision. About the video game development, mo-cap points to the recording of actions of human actors. After recording, it will be used to animate digital character models in either 2D or 3D computer animation.

The motion capture of GTA 6 is in-process now?

If the resume of Neff is legit, then the upcoming “GTA 6” is already more than half-done.

Apparently, motion capture is commonly done towards the end of the development process, according to Neogaf.

It can be true that the upcoming sixth installment of “Grand Theft Auto” is now progressing well. If the stuntman is currently engaged in the mo-cap of the new game, then the storyline and features were already finalized.

Is the resume legit?

Reports are now questioning the legitimacy of the resume of the stuntman. However, looking at the Instagram account of the actor, it seems that there is proof to confirm his connection with Rockstar Games. In February, Neff posted a photo containing the logo and name of Rockstar. He also captioned it with a hashtag “mocap” along with words like work, video game, and stunt.

His post in Instagram could give light to his connection to the developer of the hit video game. It could be possible that the stuntman is currently employed by Rockstar Games to do the motion capture of the new game.

When is the release date?

In another report, the release date of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is still far from happening. Analysts are saying it could most likely happen in the next decade. Michael Pachter, the analyst from Wedbush Securities, predicted that the sixth installment of GTA would probably be launched by 2024. The analyst claims that the developers need more time to complete the new game. The upcoming GTA is expected to be bigger than the current GTA 5.

On the contrary, other analysts claim the 2024 prediction is not feasible. The “Grand Theft Auto 6” is speculated to come out by 2020.