There are several interesting apps on Microsoft's Xbox One console, and the addition of Spotify could be the icing on the cake. According to the latest reports, a Leaked screenshot of the popular music app was seen on the Xbox One and fans couldn't help but wonder if it's coming to the console. Apparently, it was Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) who was spotted using the app on the console.

Currently presumed to be a testing on the Xbox One, The Major Nelson is spotted using Spotify with catchy text underneath that says, Spotify Music -- for Xbox.

If indeed the testing is ongoing, the Xbox will join Windows 10 in hosting the music streaming app; another feather added to the Xbox's already incredible features. The Spotify coming to gaming consoles is not new. In fact, in 2015, the music app made its way to the PS4 and PS3 consoles, creating a different approach to music while playing.

Additionally, Microsoft is expected to enhance the Xbox dashboard in time for the arrival of the Xbox One X console. When Spotify arrives on the Xbox, it is also presumed that the apps' exclusivity to the console has been waived and that more platforms will be able to host the music streaming service.

Advantage of the music streaming app on Xbox One

So what can you get with Spotify that other music streaming apps can't do?

Not much but here are few great things about the app that will make you want it on the Xbox One console. First, in the premium version of the service, you get to play using your chronological system and not the shuffle one. You get faster streaming service on premium rather than the normal 96kbps on the free version. Also, you get unlimited skips.

Most of all, you can play music while you are offline.

Xbox Live connectivity issues and recent update

In other news, recent reports about Xbox Live experiencing a glitch plagued fans from downloading their favorite games. In the Xbox Live website, the company addressed the issue saying "Our engineers and developers are actively continuing to work to resolve the issue causing some members to have problems finding previously-purchased content or purchasing new content.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience."

The Xbox Live issue also extended to Xbox 360 members wherein players are not able to make purchases as well as access to games they own. However, signing in, playing music and multiplayer gaming all worked well during the glitch.