It’s been less than a week since Blizzard Entertainment introduced the powerful frontline fighter, Doomfist, in “Overwatch.” However, it appears that the Summer Games 2017 event of the online first-person shooter video game could be just around the corner. The video game company is expected to re-release some old skins during the event.

A Reddit user named Yernemm, who datamined the video game’s current build, made it known that there are files linked to the 2017 Summer Games. Also, there are several references for consoles’ new in-game reporting system that the studio recently teased.

As reported by Express, Junkrat’s special cosmetic would boast water balloons. While the video game company has yet to announce the release date of "Overwatch" Summer Games 2017 event, the absolute earliest a player could expect the event to go live is on August 1. That would line up with the one-update-per-month schedule of the shooter video game.

Lucioball’s comeback

Meanwhile, a Redditor that goes by the name Ekultron shared an image that suggests Lucioball will return during the Summer Games 2017 event. The snapshot, which was seen in the Achievements section of Xbox, showed four of them for the upcoming event. Nonetheless, the video game company has yet to make it official.

While several “Overwatch” gamers considered the return of Lucioball may have been leftover from last year’s achievements, the fact that the character has not been unlocked, it should be enough to convince doubters.

However, Blizzard Entertainment already confirmed that they would be bringing back the Summer Games event, and the news was met well by gamers. While the studio did not confirm the high-speed soccer mode character at that time, the fact that the event is on the way, players are hoping that Lucioball would be returning as well.

Even before the studio confirmed the Summer Games event, several gamers who mined the changes in the Public Test Realm (PTR) were able to discover assets that linked to Lucioball. Also, a number of statistics, such as Goals, Saves and Interceptions, were discovered. The stats could actually mean the character’s return.

New character - Psyren

Nevertheless, now that new hero Doomfist is included in the live matches of “Overwatch,” Korea Portal reported that a new character could be added in the game. Imgur has posted a set of alleged leaked images about a new character, Psyren, to be added sometime in December. Psyren could be included in the game’s roster team.