Nothing much was heard from Santa Monica Studio after they revealed the next installment for "God Of War." It was not until this past weekend that the developer provided some details about the much-awaited game, including its new Battle system.

A more visceral sequel

The game developer was at this year's GameStop Expo and Sony Interactive Entertainment's Asad Qizilbash gave some details about "God of War's" progress. He said that everyone's excited about the upcoming game's current status, adding that the game sequel almost felt like a reboot.

SIE's head of software marketing also shelled out some information about the game's battle mechanics.

Qizilbash teased that fans will feel every ax slash and punch thrown by Kratos as the whole story will be more visceral.

He added that the revamped combat system was done by the same guys from the game's original trilogy. Unlike past titles of the franchise that featured "one versus many" skirmishes, the new game will showcase a one on one and a one versus two battle scheme. Qizilbash went on to say that the next "God of War" will be the most brutal in the series which was well hinted at in past teasers.

A touch of Mjolnir magic

Kratos' ax was learned to be upgradable just like his previous weapon – the Blades of Chaos. Fans might notice during the game's recent trailer where the anti-hero came across with a couple of small guys and threw his ax at one of them.

These fellows are believed to help Kratos along the way as they are Sindri (Spark-sprayer) and Brokkr (Metalworker) - creators of the Mjolnir. It is also believed that there will be a special command that will enable the protagonist's son – Atreus to aid his dad during battle.

More to come

Santa Monica Studio also said during the big GameStop event that the next "God of War" is like the second season of the franchise and the first trilogy was just its first installment.

That being said, it can be recalled that about a month ago, SIE Creative Director Cory Barlog hinted that fans will be seeing more of Kratos as the game series will be "here for a while." He added that there's a couple more of those in him that may well seem to suggest that the hero's latest chapter was already planned.

Sony has yet to announce a definite date for "God of War's" release. However, it was mentioned previously that the game might be out sometime in early 2018. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: