Now that the Overwatch” competitive season 5 has already come to an end, fans are looking forward to the sixth competitive season that starts on August 31. The wildly popular multiplayer shooter game is likely to undergo a lot of major changes as part of the upcoming update in terms of competitive points, ranking system, and skill ratings.

Major changes

“Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan has already announced some of the major changes that gamers will experience in season 6. Notably, the duration of the upcoming competitive season has been reduced to two months.

Kaplan said that gamers’ interest in the game is a lot higher at the beginning of the season. This is the reason why the development team has decided to shorten the competitive play duration. He added that players don’t need to worry about the season being short as they will be able to get the same competitive points as they used to earn in previous seasons.

Season 6 skill tier update

Players within the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond skill rating tiers will be required to maintain the minimum skill for their rating tier consistently. After a player loses, the game will check the player’s performance, current tier, and skill rating. Those who cannot perform well in their most recent five games and who are unable to maintain the minimum skill rating will reportedly be demoted to lower tiers.

However, they will not get demoted after a win. The competitive points that the player earns after a season will depend on the highest tier earned during the season even if they end lower than they began.

Furthermore, the upcoming “Overwatch” season 6 will make it mandatory for gamers to play at least five matches in a week at the Diamond skill tier, down from seven, to avoid decay in skill rating.

Those who don’t meet the requirements will get a deduction of 25 skill rating points instead of the usual 50.

Another major change coming up in season 6 is related to Control maps. Control maps in competitive mode will get reduced to a best-of-three from a best-of-five. Kaplan stated that it often happens that Control matches take too long to finish, and reducing the number will make the game much quicker to finish.

Blizzard has rolled out two animated shorts for “Overwatch.” The first one is titled “The Plan” and the second one is titled “Rise and Shine.”

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