The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature the official announcement of a PC version, its launch date in early 2018, and Square Enix is working on the next sequel for the beloved JRPG franchise.

PC version confirmed

Square Enix officially announced that "Final Fantasy XV" will be ported the PC platform next year during the Gamescom 2017 event. Dubbed as "Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition," the PC version will include all of the free game updates and paid DLC from the console versions. It will feature 4K resolution support and HDR display, showcasing a much higher quality of graphics and texture.

Game director Hajime Tabata claimed that the PC version the "most beautiful and highest quality version" of the game. The developers used a new version of the Luminous game engine and NVIDIA's tech to "FFXV" work properly to PC without any gameplay or quality errors.

In addition, the "Windows Edition" will also include NVIDIA's Ansel photography to improve the pictures that Prompto has been taking during the course of the story.

Square Enix stated that "FFXV: Windows Edition" will be available on Steam, Origin, and the Windows Store in early 2018, but the Japanese publisher has yet to reveal the official release date and price details of the PC version. Not to mention, the minimum and recommended requirements needed to install the game.

With more game content still coming this year, PC users will have to clear enough space for their hard drive to install the sequel and work properly when they play it.

'Final Fantasy 16' in the works?

It seems that Square Enix is planning their next "Final Fantasy" sequel as gaming fans spotted an advertisement posted by an anonymous company looking for a 2D artist for a "Super-famous RPG game." The ad was posted on the Japanese job recruitment website, "ECareerFA" and requirements include submission of impressive artwork related to the franchise.

The applicants are required to draw the backgrounds and items from the game series such as furniture, emblems, vehicles, weapons, dungeons, items, and map icons. The job application's main focus is to make 2D graphics rendering, draw images, and set up photos for a 3D artist to work on.

With that in mind, the game publisher looks to recruit fresh new minds who eager and talented enough to challenge themselves to create brand new characters and worlds for "Final Fantasy 16" soon.

For now, the publisher is currently working on updates for the current "FF" games, as well as other titles like "Kingdom Hearts 3" and the new "Tomb Raider" sequel.