The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature the "Pocket Edition" for the Nintendo Switch and Hajime Tabata wants to make a DLC story focused on Luna.

Episode Luna teased?

Game director Hajime Tabata has expressed his interest in making a new DLC story for "Final Fantasy XV's" female lead, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. He told Polygon that he wants to depict Luna as an even stronger character in the sequel when the developers decide to make an episode about her in their plans.

Luna in the sequel became one of the most popular female characters in the "Final Fantasy" franchise and her bravery in the face of incredible danger has garnered her legions of fans in the video game community.

Square Enix teased gaming fans new DLC episodes for the sequel after Episode Ignis, and the first character that Tabata wants to work on is Luna. Other characters such as Ardyn Izunia, Cor Leonis, and Iris Amcita are also getting the same treatment for future episodes.

"I really do have the desire to depict Luna as an even stronger female personality," Tabata said. "Obviously the first mission is to get 'Episode Ignis' out."

For now, Square Enix is currently working on Episode Ignis, which is scheduled to launch in December. The publisher will also launch an "Assassin's Creed" themed story event in the game on Aug. 30, and it will feature new gameplay mechanics based on the popular game franchise from Ubisoft.

The "Assassin's Festival" story will have Noctis, and his friends travel to Lestallum to stop the Niflheim Empire's latest scheme in ruining the sacred event.

'FFXV' Pocket Edition for the Switch

It seems that Square Enix is planning to put "FFXV: Pocket Edition" into the Nintendo Switch console as Tabata told IGN that the chance of that happening is "certainly not zero."

The game director stated that almost everyone in the "FFXV" team likes the Nintendo Switch and they will not think twice on porting the sequel to the new game console.

However, the final decision will come from Nintendo once they settled on a profitable agreement with Square Enix.

The "FFXV: Pocket Edition" will feature chibi versions of the Noctis and his friends and relive several famous scenes from the main story. The game will be released for the iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Gaming fans are looking forward to seeing new contents for the sequel which include the "Monster of the Deep" VR story, the multiplayer online mode, and the PC version launching next year.