The latest details for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature an "Assassin's Creed" crossover in its next DLC story, and Square Enix is discussing the possibility of an "FFXV-2" game soon.

Assassin's Festival

Square Enix announced a new DLC story event for "Final Fantasy XV" that will have Noctis and the gang transforming into deadly assassin's from the popular Ubisoft game franchise, "Assassin's Creed." Game director Hajime Tabata stated during Gamescom 2017 that he and the developers will be working with "Assassin's Creed Origins" director Ashraf Ismail and his team to provide new content for both games as part of a business agreement between Square Enix and Ubisoft.

The collaboration between the two game publisher is the result of an informal meeting three years ago as both parties admitted that they were fans of each other's work.

The strange DLC collaboration will be featured first in "FFXV" and called "Assassin's Festival" and it will launch on Aug. 30. Players who have obtained the Dream Egg from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival will be awarded a free "Assassin's" outfit for Noctis. The Assassin's Festival will take place in Lestallum as gamers are introduced to new quests. items and gameplay features that are similar to the "Assassin's Creed" franchise.

Noctis can travel the whole city by climbing and jumping off of buildings, and killing enemies using "AC's" signature hidden blades.

The group will encounter a new enemy from the Niflheim empire as they try to stop plans to ruin the festival. The new DLC will be a free update in the game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

'FFXV-2' in the works?

With the announcement of new content for "Final Fantasy XV" this year, gamers cannot help but hope that Square Enix will make more expansions for the sequel's main story -- whether it be DLC episodes or a part 2 of it.

Unfortunately, Tabata announced that an "FFXV-2" will not be possible as they are trying to make more content using features that are already added to the game, and that making a new one would be impractical.

"The negative of that is there's a very large open period where you're not releasing anything," Tabata told Polygon.

"In that period, you get people to move away, and their attachment to the franchise dissipates a little bit."

For now, Square Enix is preparing to launch the new DLC story event next week, and the developers are currently working on Episode Igins, the "Monster of the Deep" VR story, and the multiplayer game mode for the sequel. There is also a PC version that is scheduled to launch in early 2018, leading to the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version soon.