The player base of "Final Fantasy XV" is very much aware of Square Enix's intent to have it ported to the PC platform. This has finally turned into a reality, as it was announced that the game is PC-bound and will be out sometime next year.

Windows Edition

The announcement came from NVIDIA's presentation during this year's Gamescom in Germany, as a teaser trailer was also released. The sizzler reel featured the PC version of the game along with its visual tweaks.

Per the video, it is said that the upcoming render of the game will be powered by Luminous Engine alongside 4K high-resolution textures, realistic hair and grass simulation, advanced shadow algorithms, high-quality ambient occlusion, combustible fire and smoke simulation, and versatile screenshot captures.

"Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition" also promises more immersive gameplay, as it will boast a first-person camera mode.

However, Square Enix has yet to confirm if the game's upcoming multiplayer expansion -- "Comrades" -- will be included in its Windows Edition. The co-op mode has been met with numerous issues since the game segment's first testing, as server issues have riddled the DLC.

"FFXV's" "Comrades" expansion allows players to create their own character and interact with other characters as they complete quests and explore the world of Eos. However, no definite date was disclosed by the developer. "FFXV's" PC version can be deemed as an open secret since it was already tipped early on by Hajime Tabata during this year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

Alongside the famed game designer were folks over at NVIDIA as they presented a so-called test version of the game.

Fans might also remember when Square Enix followed-up several days later as they boasted that the game is running on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. "Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition" is scheduled for release sometime in early 2018.

From PSP to PS4

Another "Final Fantasy" title that is also scheduled to go out in 2018 is the all-star beat 'em up "Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT." Alongside Square Enix in making the game's PlayStation 4 version is Team Ninja as they were tapped to make some tweaks to the title's combat system. The company is also known for making "Dead or Alive" and the "Ninja Gaiden" franchises.

What's in the box

Fans can now pre-order the game as the title has a couple more editions other than the regular one. "Dissidia" has this Limited Steelbook edition that comes with the game, some pieces of art and a nifty steel casing. The Ultimate Collector's Edition – valued at $190 – will have a 21cm figurine of a character from the first "Final Fantasy," a Season Pass that will allow players to have access to six more players after the game officially launches, and an 80-page art book. The game will be released for the PS4 on January 30. Check out a video here: