Electronic Arts (EA) has been publishing "The Sims" since February of 2000. Although many of "The Sims" games have been available on multiple gaming platforms, including PlayStation, "The Sims 4" is only accessible on PC and Mac for right now. The limited accessibility doesn't stop the game from being just as fun as "The Sims" games released before it, though.

The latest 'The Sims 4' details

"Cats & Dogs" is set to release on November 10. That leaves players waiting just over two months for what could be the cutest Expansion Pack yet. This expansion will include different breeds and varieties of Cats And Dogs.

Players can even create and customize their own animals. The pets will have their own pet clothing and accessories, as well as different personality traits for each animal. "Cats & Dogs" will also open a new veterinarian career track, which will allow players to open up their own animal clinics. There will also be a new seaside location where players can find a variety of stray animals to adopt.

While it is unclear if "Cats & Dogs" will have the same features as pets did for "The Sims 3," such as the pets being able to get their own different jobs, players are excited for the release of this new expansion pack.

The impact of expansion packs on game sales

The "Cats & Dogs" expansion pack is the fourth "The Sims 4" expansion pack to be released this year.

Last year, there were seven expansion packs released for "The Sims 4" alone. However, this is a game that keeps growing, largely due to these expansion packs.

Even though the game released three years ago, the game has still seen growth month after month in active PC users. Much of the growth is due to expansion packs such as "Cats & Dogs." It's expected that EA will see a growth in game play around the time frame that the new expansion pack is released, as daily use by players generally increases with expansion pack releases.

Producers for "The Sims 4" noticed spikes in playing over the summer and winter breaks for kids, teenagers, and young adults on break from school. Gameplay increases with free releases as well, such as the "Toddlers & Pools" expansion pack that was released back in June.

Content updates such as these expansion packs are important to EA's marketing strategy.

EA generated a lot of growth from different expansion packs from many of their published games. EA has brought in about $3.147 billion in digital sales over the past year and PC sales are up over 20% from the year before.

It's clear that expansion packs make everyone happy.