Final Fantasy Xii: The Zodiac Age” is a PlayStation 4 title and a remaster of its original version, which was released on the PlayStation 2. It has a big upgrade in the graphical department and it has some additional features for improvement. To take advantage of those new additions, here are some Tips And Tricks for beginners to follow.

Sell loot items whenever possible

While there are ample amounts of side quests to finish in this video game, the best way to gain a lot of in-game cash is through selling loot. Players can get a lot of loot from defeated monsters and enemies along the way, which can be sold in any shop they can go to.

Just make sure that some of the items that are looted should be the ones that are not useful like monster drops, and low level equipment.

Purchase restorative items at least 10

As a rule, I would purchase every restorative items needed in a journey before setting out for another town or city. Potions are a bit cheap in this game, which should make it easier to hoard so purchase at least 10 of them. For the other items like antidote and such, purchase at least five of these items each and just increase the number when there is more gil for spending.

Grind for LP

The best way to earn a lot of skills and earn licenses for equipment is to grind for a lot of license points or LP. This is the reason why players have to grind early in the game so that they can collect a lot of these points and unlock different kinds of skills that can give advantage to their characters.

It is also important to grind in the early parts of the game so that they can fight against easier enemies.

Make use of the fast forward button most of the time

The fast forward button is a God-send feature for “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age” because it shortens the time to grind for money and LP. It also shortens the time to travel through large maps and finish dungeons, which will not make it boring for them anymore.

Just remember to choose between the 2x or 4x speed and turn it off especially if the characters in the party are not in a good condition anymore. Players might just kill off all of the members in the party right away and will not have time to revive the others in time.

Save as often as possible

While there is an auto save feature in the remastered version of the video game, saving a file before fighting a big boss or entering a dangerous area should be a must.

Players might need to reload saved files when they need it especially if the next area was too dangerous and they needed to go back at the start without wasting their resources. Reloading that earlier save file would save a lot of their time and items.

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