Ubisoft recently released a brand-new extended gameplay walkthrough for its upcoming game, “far cry 5.” The trailer has a helpful commentary that guides the player in the game. It also shows several features in the game like vehicles that can be used to ram enemies.

Gameplay Walkthrough

The latest trailer released by Ubisoft is packed with interesting details about the game developer upcoming game installment. The developer also added commentaries to explain the player’s actions. The video opens with beautiful scenery of a deviously perilous Montana setting.

The companionable dog Boomer is also in the latest trailer.

Vehicles can be used to kill

Interestingly, the walkthrough introduces the Tractor that players can use to run over enemies. The player is shown hopping into the tractor, and a group of enemies is quickly taken down. One of them is crushed by the vehicle. The other one suffered death from a fiery explosion. On the other hand, the other enemy is destroyed by a few bullets.


The latest trailer also highlights Boomer. In a scene near the river, a group of cultists seems to be forcing a baptism to an unwilling individual. Boomer’s skills on assisting the players in the game are shown off. The companion dog can retrieve guns and even injure enemies on its own.

The dependable companion appears as a significant asset that players must have in “Far Cry 5.”


Aside from the tractor and Boomer, the latest trailer also underlines that players can go fishing. This is a refreshing approach amidst the conflict and chaos in the game. The rivers and lakes in the map are available if players would like to spare some time fishing.

Fishing will also reward players with experience.


With a staggering place, a tractor can take you to places, but a plane could take the players to locations in a fast and efficient way. The aircraft can help players get a scan of its surroundings. Players can map out their travels by looking for points of interest and other resources from the skies.

Aside from travels perks, the aircraft is equipped with weapons. This way, any enemy that might hinder the player’s exploration can be quickly taken down at a very advantageous vantage point.

Far Cry 5” is scheduled to release on February 27, 2018. The fifth game installment from Ubisoft will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can check out the latest gameplay walkthrough below.