Fallout 4” and “Skyrim” developer Bethesda made some interesting announcements at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). However, the one that stands out the most is no other than the Creation Club. Apparently, though, it has stirred so much confusion within the gaming community, with players wondering how exactly it works.

In its most organic form, the feature above will be made available only to “Fallout 4” and “Skyrim.” The video game company’s very own vice president named Pete Hines explained what it is all about and how it works exactly.

He also clarified that, contrary to popular belief, it is entirely different to most paid mods in the industry right now.

Why Bethesda developed creation Club

Hines iterated that the studio aims to bring the new feature in existence without the worry of it affecting the way the mod scene works. “Creation Club was a new thing that the team came up with to say,” he said. The titular developer wants to build an ecosystem that would work across the titles mentioned above. Interesting though, they want to develop it in a way that the mods would not be affected.

The company’s VP also went to say that the system, in one way or another, could offer a ranking system for the modders and/or developers within the “Fallout 4” and “Skyrim” community.

The truth is, people who work directly with the newly-announced feature will have the chance to pitch ideas and/or contents for creation. Once these have been accepted, a modder rightfully becomes a game developer. The most interesting part here is the earning, as Bethesda plans to pay the modder-turned-developer for the work completed.

Not modders, but developers

Hines explicitly clarified that with Creation Club, the already established modding scene in “Fallout 4” and “Skyrim” will not be directly affected. He and his team just simply want to establish a relationship with modders who have the potentials actually to become game developers. The executive also explained that while this is confirmed to happen, it does not necessarily change the studio’s overall creative and development process.

Rather, new people will be coming to the company to help them achieve their goals.

The Bethesda VP also clarified that these “Fallout 4” and “Skyrim” modders would have to meet a certain criteria or standard to deem qualified. For instance, the content they will be developing, whether they like it or not, should not be pre-made. It must be something new and not content that has already been there for quite some time already. Hines said that doing so will help them ensure that whatever content or project they acquire from these external developers are unique and of quality.