Nintendo 3DS will have another title in its lineup because Atlus will release "Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth" this fall on America. The said game will cost about $39.99, and the in-game language will be in full English as well as voice characters.

Although, some fans prefer an English language text with Japanese voices. The game will be like the previous game entitled "Class of Heroes," which will present dungeon-exploring mechanics mixed with RPG elements. While the American release will target this fall, the European version is yet to be announced.

In addition, players will enjoy leveling up their characters in the game as they will explore numerous dungeons each with different difficulty levels. While players uncover the dungeons, they will slowly reveal special places on the map, including traps and treasures.

Most importantly, Atlus, known for their user-friendly interface and excellent character designs, "Etrian Odyssey V" will be a hit among RPG fans. Also, they are famous for their most popular game entitled "Persona 5."

Game mechanics

"Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth" is an RPG game that involves exploring the dungeons. Furthermore, the game revolves around the place of Yggdrasil and depends on the player's skills and decision to progress further, or meet a "game over." First, the start of a player's journey begins with character creation.

They have the freedom to create characters and set their class accordingly. Moreover, there are four races, ten classes, and more customization options to choose from.

Since the said game uses the Nintendo 3DS platform, two screens are usable. First, the top screen displays the battle and the first-person perspective in dungeon exploration while the bottom screen displays the dungeon map.

Interface, music, and graphics

An RPG game is not complete without levels, experience points, items, weapons, equipment, gold, and monsters. Each dungeon of Yggdrasil contains different monsters. Of course, there are boss battles, shops, treasures, and monster drops, which can be crafted into another usable item.

Lastly, "Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth" music and interface are created by illustrator Yuji Himukai with composer Yuzo Koshiro, bringing life to the RPG series. Lastly, some Nintendo Switch releases are expected by fans. Here is "Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth" announcement trailer below: