Fans of the hit JPRG series "Dragon Quest" will soon have something to cheer about in the form of a sequel aptly dubbed as "Dragon Quest Builders 2." According to multiple reports doing rounds online, the upcoming iteration will oust the Vita in favor of PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

What to expect?

Game developer Square Enix took the center stage at Dragon Quest Summer FeXIstival 2017 in Tokyo and unveiled the title, as reported by Gematsu. The sandbox RPG sequel will boast an array of never-before-seen additions such as a marked up limit to the number of blocks a player can pile up and four-player multiplayer gameplay.

Aside from that, the game will have slopes that will help players glide from one side of the world to another with the help of a glider, but that's not all. Players will also be able to create waterfalls by filling areas with water and will have the ability to dive underwater.

As far as setting is concerned, Gematsu reports Square Enix mentioned both "young Malroth" as well as “fellow travelers." "DQ" loyalists will identify Malroth as the ultimate boss of "DQII," and those who have used the Game Boy version will recognize Sidoh as the final boss of "DQII."

U.S. release date, and price

There's no release date associated with "Dragon Quest Builders 2" at the moment.

Square Enix did not divulge details regarding the title's release date outside of Japan. However, it can be recalled that last year "Dragon Quest Builders" producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto said the company will stay dedicated to releasing more "DQ" titles in the west.

Lining with this, Square Enix recently announced the 2018 release of "DQ XI" in the west.

The studio also confirmed the arrival of some classic RPG to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

"DQ" and its sequel "DQII" will be launched on Thursday, August 10 in Japan. These low-cost classic ports will be up for grabs for 600 yen (about $6) and 850 yen (about $8), respectively.

The company will release "Dragon Quest III" later that month; however, it is expected to come bearing a steeper price tag of 1,500 yen, which converts roughly to $14.

The upcoming title is expected to feature a slew of radical enhancement compared to the original game. Check out the first gameplay of "Dragon Quest Builders II" below:

While there's no word if these ports of the original "Dragon Quest," DQ II," and "DQ III" will be released worldwide, including in the U.S.

Square Enix also confirmed that "Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age" would be released in Europe and North America in 2018. Stay tuned in here for more details about these classic ports.