The all-star fighting video game will have an Ultimate Collector’s Edition and a Steelbook Edition. Square Enix also revealed the released date of the game for western shores.

Ultimate Collector’s Edition contents

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition for the all-star fighting video game will be exclusive only to the Square Enix store. This will have a price tag of $189.99 with tons of items that will complete the gaming experience.

The first content will be a bust figure of the character Warrior Of Light. It will be 8.25 inches tall and is going to be a well-detailed likeness of the character.

The special edition will also have the official soundtrack. It will contain the 15 tracks that are selected from the “DISSIDIA” series. It will also have the new tracks that were recorded just recently.

A hardback art book with 80 pages is also included in the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The Season Pass, steel book case (unique to UCE), and the Collector’s Box with designs of the characters complete the set.

Steelbook Brawler Edition

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” also has the Steelbook Brawler Edition and it will be for the ones who pre-order the game early with no additional cost. This means it will still be $59.99, but the catch is that they will get a random design from three Steelbook versions.

Other versions and DLCs

Aside from the Steelbook Brawler Edition and the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, the upcoming video game will also have two digital editions. These editions are the Digital Day One Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. The first one will have the Nameless Warrior DLC and a mini soundtrack, while the second one will have the same contents plus the Season Pass.

The Season Pass will unlock post launch items for the video game. These items include six characters that will be added later, two new weapons, and two different colors to choose from.

New screenshots revealed

After revealing the registration for the beta of “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT,” the Japanese PlayStation Store page revealed three new screenshots.

These screenshots depicted three characters included in the game.

The first character was Lightning from “Final Fantasy XIII” fighting against Odin. The second screenshot revealed Cloud from “Final Fantasy VII” striking a long range attack against an opponent. The third screenshot revealed a close up of several characters, which were Warrior of Light, Zidane, and Y’Shtola.

Check out the "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" Trailer here: