Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is shaping up to be one of the most highly-anticipated games coming out next year. This is the third entry to the iconic spin-off that was released back on the PSP and brought together the iconic heroes from the “Final Fantasy” series. With that being said, many fans were excited to hear that its arcade installment will finally be getting a console port. With its beta now live, those who have access get the chance to test the game out for themselves. While it might seem a bit challenging, let’s break down the controls to help you maneuver the battlefield.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is a hectic game that pits players in a 3v3 battle. IF you’re not busy getting stormed by two opponents, you’re probably trying to chase down a weakened enemy. It might get a bit confusing to know which button does what at times, so it’s best to get a clear input on what these controls do. Listed below are the fundamental actions which should help you move and fight seamlessly during matches.


According to Prima Games, the left Analog Stick moves your character around the battlefield. Meanwhile, the right analog stick moves around the camera. The d-pad opens up the quick chat messages to your teammates, so keep that in mind if you’re either switching targets, targeting the core, or getting swarmed by enemies.

Moving on, the touch pad is for summoning once the meter is full.


To initiate attacks, the square button is the HP attack while the triangle button is the EX skill. If you want to alternate your EX-skill, press triangle + left analog stick in any other direction. The X button is the bravery attack while X + left analog stick in any other direction is for using an alternate bravery attack.

To jump, simply press circle.


For blocking and evading, press L1 to raise up your shield. L1 + left analog stick is sidestepping which is useful for quickly avoiding an enemy attack. R1 is to dash and L2 or R2 is to switch locked on targets. If you Tap both buttons, you’ll lock on to the closest foe. Finally, if you hold both inputs down, you will target the summon crystal.

Study these controls well so you can help out your other teammates in battle. It can get a bit tricky trying to focus on a foe when you’re trying to use a Bravery attack and you land an HP strike instead. “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is slated to release early next year on January 30. Square Enix has also detailed the many other special editions that will come with it.