Telltale’s “Game of Thrones” game is on hold, according to the company’s head of creative communications, Job Stauffer. In an interview with Eurogamer, Stauffer says that the team won’t be returning to Westeros next year, despite having discussed a Season 2 for the game a few days after Season 1 wrapped up in 2015.

But as most game development processes go, things could take a different turn, which is now the case for Telltale. During the announcement of the new seasons for “Minecraft,” “Batman,” “The Wolf Among Us,” and “The Walking Dead,” Stauffer revealed the series had been put in a questionable spot.

GoT S2 has been shoved

The guys over at Eurogamer was lucky enough to have a conversation with Stauffer at Gamescom last week, and missing among the games the exec mentioned was “Game of Thrones,” particularly its second season. When GoT Season 2 was raised, Stauffer, seemingly hesitant, said that the project has been put in an "on hold" status, at least for now. Why this is so, the exec said Telltale's team is currently focusing on its other projects, implying that the GoT adaptation isn't exactly the company's priority as of the moment.

Sad days for GoT fans

The news about Telltale’s series also follows several other disappointing “Game of Thrones” announcements. Not only did the rumors about a Bethesda GoT game proved untrue, but there is some speculation that fans will have to wait even longer for the final season of HBO’s hit TV series to air.

Fans have no other choice but to put up with a Westeros drought.

Before Stauffer’s interview ended, however, he seemed to have backtracked his previous statement and decided to say the game was on hold was “alarmist and crazy.” In the end, the exec said when they’ll return to development for GoT is “still to be determined.”

Thinking about how there's no clear direction on how the HBO show will end, it's actually very wise that Telltale wait to see how things play out before jumping to conclusions or rewriting things in the way that the writers at the game studio see fit.

Considering the first season followed the TV show so closely, it's likely that the sequel will be released after HBO wraps the series in 2018.

Telltale Games working on a title based on a TV-series wouldn't be the first time it has done so, with the most notable works being its critically-acclaimed "The Walking Dead." The studio is known for its unique art style, gameplay mechanics, and a heavy focus on the narrative in each game.