When it was announced that everyone's favorite plumber would be taking part in a crossover with Ubisoft's "Rabbids," most did not know how to react. It came out of nowhere and the fact that it was going to be a tactical role playing game, similar to "XCOM," just helped add to the confusion.

Then people had an opportunity to play "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle," and to everyone's surprise, it ended up being pretty darn great. The gameplay was fun and the character mixed well together. Sure, it was a game that nobody knew they wanted, but suddenly we were excited to dive into this irreverent crossover between Ubisoft and Nintendo.

Only on the Nintendo Switch

Obviously, since half the title includes Nintendo's mascot, there never was any chance of "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" being released on another home console. It has been confirmed that the Switch version will be the only one released, so there is no handheld port for the 3DS or an outdated WII U release. If someone wants to experience this insane crossover, they need to drop the $350+ required to purchase Nintendo's latest device.

The good thing is that the Switch is starting to develop into a must buy for gamers. "Zelda" set the pace, with "Breath of the Wild" being one of the best games of the year. Stuff like the re-release of "Mario Kart 8" and "Splatoon 2" proved to be worthwhile additions, but it was still hard to recommend spending such a large amount money for practically one fantastic game and a few good ones.

"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" is another feather in the console's hat and once "Super Mario Odyssey" releases in October, it would suddenly be a lot less challenging to recommend the Nintendo Switch.


How does "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" play? There are eight playable characters, four from each franchise, and they carry laser guns as weapons.

Players control a team of four as they try and take out the enemy's team. It is pretty much "XCOM 2" with the charm of both franchises' sprinkled on top. It is relatively challenging, as players will need to employ tactics and position their operatives in just the right area to be able to take advantage of tag team moves.

The plot is, obviously, absurd but should get the job done. Graphically, it looks fantastic. The game is colorful and plays splendidly on the new console. For those who like tactical RPGs, there is no need to hesitate. This should be perfect for you.