Weeks after all Xbox Live Gold members were able to try “Diablo 3’s” Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition expansion for free, it’s PC gamers’ turn for a little treat as Blizzard Entertainment’s “Diablo III” just received a huge update on PC.

Patch 2.6.1 changes on ‘Diablo 3’

With the game title’s public test on PC, gamers will be able to experience strengthened number of abilities in 2.6.1 patch and a lot of changes in balance. Digging deep into the changes brought by “Diablo III’s” big update on PC, its Crusader’s limitless effect and Barbarian’s Bloodshed effect has been overhauled.

The former effect has now increased its “area of effect by 20 yards” and Blessed Hammer damage to 640 percent, while the latter effect’s damage is now equal to 20 percent of the player’s most “recent Critical Hits to enemies in 20 yards.”

According to “Diablo 3’s” full patch note 2.6.1 released by Blizzard, Necromancer Skills received a lot of changes that includes essence cost for Bone Armor removed and Frozen Army’s pulsing damage being spread out. Simulacrum glowing active icon was also added, and too many hits on Skeletal Warriors will no longer lead to death, just to name a few.

Aside from redesigned skills, there were also numerous bug fixes that were introduced in the new patch update.

The new patch 2.6.1 brought fixes on connection issues, Skeletal Mages losing targets, and monsters healing themselves, just to name a few. Full patch notes of the game can be found in Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net blog.

In conjunction with the patch notes, Blizzard also announced that the items weren’t the final version, and some details may not be fully documented yet.

Blizzard renaming Battle.net

Battle.net has been an indispensable entity of Online Gaming since 1996, but it was announced in 2016 that the game developing company Blizzard Entertainment Inc. will be transitioning away from “Battle.net.” However, it was just recently made known to the public that their online gaming service Battle.net is back as “Blizzard Battle.net.”

The American game developer and publisher admitted that transitioning to a different name for their online gaming service “would be challenging.” Instead of going for a different name, the company decided to just use their own name/brand “Blizzard” plus keeping the old “Battle.net” name, representing the history shared by the company and all players.

According to BGR, Destiny 2’s” upcoming release was likely the reason for the timing of the decision. Since “Destiny 2” will use Blizzard’s online services, it will be a bad move to change the much popular name “Battle.net” while welcoming new players to their platform.