Ubisoft announced that season 3 of its popular Hack and Slash video game, For Honor,” will kick off and go live in mid-August. But before it happens, the development team confirmed major features players should be hyped about in the new title update.

Grudge and Glory details

Titled “Grudge and Glory,” Season 3 of “For Honor” is scheduled to go live on August 15 and introduce the biggest title update so far in the fighting game. Players will see the addition of two new heroes, maps, gears, ranked play and bugs and fixes that will overall improve players’ experience.

Similar to other gameplay updates, all maps, and other add-ons coming are free as soon as Season 3 begins. The new heroes, namely Highlander and Gladiator, will arrive free for season pass holders on August 15. However, the two characters will only be unlockable to the rest of the gamers on August 22 for 15,000 Steel.

Two new heroes

The third season cannot get more exciting for fans with the addition of new heroes, the Highlander Viking Class and Gladiator Knight Class, respectively.

Highlander Viking Class

The Highlander Viking Class are known for being stoic and guarded and this set of heroes owns two fighting capabilities. Their defensive form makes them capable to counter attack and exchange blows while their offensive form lets them launch formidable attacks with their abilities to block.

In terms of their weapons, the Highlander wields the longest and hulking swords. Their gigantic Claymore offers a fatal combo of might and scope.

Gladiator Knight Class

The Gladiator Knight Class, on the other hand, are ruthless and skilled fighters in war, wielding a trident and shield. They make a living by killing for sport, which says a lot about their brazen and boastful nature.

They are exceptionally quick and deadly enemies with their sizable stamina meter and lesser cool down time. They have the abilities to thump their adversaries, then launch ultimate stuns and attacks.

New battlefields, gears and more

Ubisoft also detailed two battlefields such as Sentinel and the Viking villages. These are deadly new environments filled with ballista and barrel to keep the gamers on their toes.

There will also be a set of legendary gear rarity and the heroes’ cap is now set at 40 for wider customization options. The new title update for “For Honor” will also bring in a host of tweaks, adjustments, and balancing changes.

Watch the video below for full details.