Since the official announcement of “Destiny 2” and its succeeding open beta and other demos, fans have wondered about the absence of a third subclass for each character type. Bungie has evidently continued to dodge questions about the gameplay element in all their recent interviews. However, some fans recently discovered some critical evidence that suggests the return of those missing subclasses. The discovery was made from released footage that featured the European Dead Zone (EDZ) area in the game.

Subclasses from ‘The Taken King’ in ‘Destiny 2’

The news started to spread online as Bungie lifted the hands-on embargo for the “Destiny 2” press event which featured the European Dead Zone. Keen-eyed gamers quickly pointed out gameplay elements that hinted the return of the Titan’s Sunbreaker, the Hunter’s Nightstalker, and the Warlock’s Stormcaller subclass. Obviously, players will not be able to access these from the start of the game, just like in “The Taken King” expansion DLC of the original “Destiny”. According to Game Rant, players would need to complete certain missions and some tasks in order to activate their rediscovered abilities.

How to reclaim these powers

Not much is currently known as to how players can reclaim these lost subclasses as Bungie has not officially confirmed anything.

However, YouTuber KackisHD uploaded a video that showcased hard evidence that players will rediscover these skills in the European Dead Zone area of the game. The footage shows instances wherein players with different characters each acquire “Relics”. It is worth noting that each player’s discovery was from varying sources.

The Warlock and Hunter were shown to have received the items from reward chests. Meanwhile, the Titan oddly received his item from a loot drop during an enemy encounter.

More clues discovered

Further research also reveals that a pop-up information screen came up when one the “Relics” was picked up. The text read “this artifact is one of the keys to regaining your lost power.” Furthermore, it continued with a description that mentions “it has been added to your subclass inventory.” Each character received different artifacts called Fractured Arrow, Melted Hammer, Cracked Talisman, for the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock respectively.

Players can expect subclass changes

Just like the other subclasses in “Destiny 2”, gamers can look forward to some tweaks made by Bungie. The developer has yet to officially discuss any details regarding the discovered feature. For now, fans can only wait for the development team to reveal more details about the third subclass before the game launches in the following weeks.