After the "Pokemon Go Chicago Fest,” Niantic's developers have been keeping players and trainers busy with several Legendary events. According to information revealed, the current focus of the company right now is releasing all three of the legendary birds from the Kanto Region. In the next few days, Niantic's developers are coming out with new exciting features and changes in the reality augmented game.

Currently, it has become normal that the company releases mascot Pokemon for each team. These creatures play an exciting role in the coming Legendary events that Niantic will release in the next few days.

A few days ago, the company introduced Articuno followed by Moltres, which will last until tomorrow. Now, it is Zapdos' turn. Zapdos is one of the most highly awaited Legendary Pokemon in “Pokemon Go.”

Next, we will share with all new details revealed about the arrival of the Legendary Pokemon to the reality augmented game.

The long awaited arrival for the Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go is over

According to new information revealed through relevant social media, Zapdos will be available from tomorrow until August 14. Most "Pokemon Go" players and trainers around the world seemed excited and ready to go out to the streets and catch this powerful Legendary Pokemon. Niantic's developers have clarified that the Legendary Raids will only be available for a limited time.

This means that not all "Pokemon Go" users will have a lot of time to participate and get the Legendary Zapdos.

How to catch Legendary Zapdos in Pokemon Go

For finding the Legendary Zapdos, players should follow the same steps done before for the catching of other Legendary Pokemon. However, using the same Pokemon that players and trainers used in past Legendary Raids will not likely work when fighting this powerful Legendary Pokemon.

It is worth mentioning that Zapdos is a Flying/Electric-type Pokemon, so its weaknesses are Ice and Rock-type Pokemon.

Additional Information

For catching the legendary Zapdos, it is recommended using this trick to help you increase your chance of capturing it. As reported by Niantic´s developers, using the above-mentioned method should guarantee to capture Zapdos.

An interesting fact to take into account is that there is currently a bug in the game that prevents you from finding this Pokemon

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Watch the video below for more information: