After three long, petless years, “The Sims 4” is finally getting furry additions, publisher Electronic Arts announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The “Cats & Dogs” expansion will be available for Mac and PC on November 10.

Having debuted in 2014, “The Sims 4” has seen 20 percent growth month-over-month active users on PC. It’s the fourth expansion pack released this year and will have in it several breeds of dogs and cats. Moreover, there will be a Create a Pet feature for players to customize their pets. According to EA and Maxis, the upcoming expansion pack will allow players to "experience the cuddly companionship and delightful surprises cats and dogs will bring into their Sims' daily lives".

Mix breeds, design coats, and choose outfits

True to form, pets in “The Sims 4” can be dressed and accessorized. Players need to pick a breed of their choice first or mix multiple breeds to create something unique. Stripes, spots, and other coats will be also available to match the coat pattern of your real-life pet to your in-game pet. EA also announced that each pet will have its own tailored personality, to make sure that no two pets will be exactly alike.

Your pet cat or dog, over time, will develop its unique personality. You can also train them and play with them; take them to a vet if they get sick, or get flea-removal services to ensure the pet’s health. While the game will feature pets, you can’t play the game as one or control them, unlike the Sims themselves.

EA goes all out at Gamescom

While the announcement of the new expansion excited attendees at Gamescom 2017, the true show-stealer appeared in the form of a tiny Pomeranian – internet star Jiffpom. EA was kind enough to bring along the adorable pup at the conference to promote the “Cats & Dogs” expansion, and it sure was a hit.

Another showstopper at EA’s Gamescom showcase is a brand-new gameplay trailer for “FIFA 18.” While it is a more cinematic feeling trailer, it does show demonstrate the skill moves, wonder goals, and atmosphere of the stadiums that are present in the game.

While Gamescom isn't the last major video game show before the holidays (we still have the Tokyo Game Show and PAX West), it is one of the largest audiences EA is likely to receive before the holidays are upon on.

FIFA 18” will be released on September 29 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.