Samsung and Oculus have worked closely together since late in 2014 on a way to offer a compelling VR experience using little more than a phone. The Gear Vr uses Samsung's superior display tech and a unique but locked down software experience from Oculus, and since that initial launch, there have been four revisions to the hardware.

The new Gear VR headset works with the Galaxy S8 Plus, S8, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ and comes with Micro USB and USB-C adapters. If you have any of these smartphones and the headset with you, taking your VR gaming to the next level experience the thrill of flying, courtesy of these VR flight games.


You are sitting behind the plane’s controls. Not just any plane - the Spitfire. A single-seat fighter aircraft from the Second World War. Beneath, you can see mountains and deserts. Above, immaculate blue sky.

Overflight” is a sky battle game both single and multiplayer. Thanks to online mode, the game changes into realistic virtual reality sky battle with lots of fun and excitement.

‘Reveries: Dream Flight’

Dream Flight” is a beautiful game about exploration and discovery. The objective of the game is to collect floating diamonds that appear ahead of you, completing the song currently playing. To get the full experience here, headphones are a must. Tranquil music and sounds are in every level and you really do need to cut yourself off from the outside world to get their full effect.

‘End Space’

End Space” is a first-person arcade space shooter built for virtual reality. Using head based movement you pilot a small space fighter through intense space battles defeating progressively harder waves of enemies. Fire your ship's lasers with your headsets trigger button, or if no trigger is available with gaze based targeting.

Redesigned to support the new Gear VR controller, “End Space” will offer the most immersive space flight you have ever experienced.

‘Omega Agent’

“Omega Agent” lets you accessorize your Gear VR by donning the suit of another secret agent and taking to the skies strapped into your own jet pack. Your mission is to fly around this surprisingly sprawling over the top arcade world and test yourself with all the spy training missions at your disposal.

Since the Gear VR is the product of a partnership between Samsung and Oculus, the mobile VR content library is also flourishing. These flight games are among a number of them – the closest humans will ever get to soaring around the skies unless they happen to be pilots, of course.