With just less than a month to go before it launches Bungie has started to step up its marketing campaign for “Destiny 2”. The developers made a bold claim a not long ago that fans will definitely complain about the game’s story. However, what they are expecting is nothing negative, but players lauding the developers for going above and beyond with its story content. The first game was bashed by critics for its somewhat lacking and confusing story. Therefore, the team evidently put extra effort to remedy their missteps before. Now, gamers have started to wonder about what the game can offer after the story campaign draws to a close.

Bungie’s take on “Destiny 2” post-ending features

To address most of the questions regarding the game’s replay value once the story has been completed, Bungie’s community manager, David Dague, shares some interesting details. To avoid any spoilers, he skirted along the edges just to shares the studio's ideas for the sequel. It’s a fact that players want more right after they have completed a game. According to the developers, they want to “immerse people’s minds in the world of the game.” It is also important for them to “not force them to leave to make their experience complete.” Dague also sounded confident when he boasted about more post-game activities in “Destiny 2”, which are supposedly not dependent on the raid.

Player retention after the credits roll

It has been an established fact among veteran “Destiny” players that everything actually starts after the story ends. Bungie appears to have learned a lot from their first venture and seek to keep gamers engaged way after the campaign is done. They want their fans to keep playing until the next expansion content comes along.

Based on their analysis, it appears that they have stumbled upon something that is surely a big improvement over the original game.

Endgame features already in the game

Bungie already believes that they have shared a couple of gameplay elements for the post-campaign facet of “Destiny 2”. One of the most notable changes they have added more NPCs and more Social spaces to encourage users to come back and explore.

Furthermore, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Adventures are also some of the elements that can keep fans interested. Based on their end-game plans, the sci-fi shooter sequel appears to be ready for its debut next month. Fans can expect more news to come their way in the next few weeks as the publisher continues to market the FPS sequel.