While unconfirmed, there has been a “leak” hinting at “Persona Q 2.” The original game first launched on the 3DS back in 2014 and was a mixture of the “Persona” and “Etrian Odyssey” games. The plot followed the P3 and P4 cast joining forces after being trapped in a strange school festival. If ever, “Persona Q 2” will most likely bring in the fifth game’s cast for pure Fan service. Having said that, here are some things we’d like to see in a “Persona Q” sequel.

Three-Dimensional Characters

The “PQ” title was mostly fan service as it provided some sort of alternate universe where characters from the series could meet and interact with each other.

However, their personalities were pretty crude and two-dimensional as they only displayed their “core” features. Here’s to hoping that Atlus will expand each character’s personality in “Persona Q 2” by including more of their traits instead of simply condensing them.

Enhanced Battle System

Persona 5” brought back some lost combat elements in the series like Gun, Psychokinesis, Nuclear, Bless, and Curse skills. These features should be included in “PQ2” to keep in line with the series’ growing combat mechanics. Moreover, the second spinoff should also introduce the “Hold Up!” system wherein players could ask for money, items, or persuade their enemies to join their side.

More areas to explore

The previous game only allowed players to roam around the campus as the main meat took place inside the dungeons.

This time, “PQ2” should allow players to explore more areas and shop in more than one store. Dungeons can become a bit tiresome as they basically follow the same patterns each time. Including more accessible areas should give players a good change of pace before having to dive back in and fight enemies again.

More interactions

If the spinoff will include the “P5” cast, the game should also include a wealth of new interactions among characters. It would be great to see Akira teaching Fuuka, Chie, Rise, and Yukiko how to cook curry while Yosuke and Junpei try to flirt with Ann or Makoto. After all, the series’ main charm stems from its dynamic characters and their relationships with one another.

Nintendo Switch port

While the original game was made for the 3DS, it would be great if Atlus supported the hybrid console by bringing the potential sequel over to the Switch. The system is in dire need of new games and bringing over a “Persona” game would give consumers another reason to buy the Switch. Moreover, Atlus could make better character models and expand the game’s features.