Fans of 2K Sports and their annual NBA offering are eagerly waiting for this year’s installment. Fortunately, players who have always wanted to bring their games with them received great news. It was confirmed that the Nintendo Switch would receive a port of “NBA 2K18”.

The announcement solidified Nintendo’s promise to their fans, which is a commitment to bring more third-party support for their latest platform. Furthermore, it was just recently revealed that the Switch version would feature Amiibo support.

'NBA 2K18' Amiibo support details

Fans already consider the availability of an “NBA 2K18” port on the Nintendo Switch as a big win for the Japanese gaming firm.

It has been a long time since basketball fans got a portable version of the popular sports title. Meanwhile, the confirmation of Amiibo support was apparently detailed on the official Nintendo Japan store. Their listing for the basketball title also specified compatibility with the collectible figures. However, it seems that the listing has not detailed further information about its functionality.

Excitement abounds despite the lack of details

It appears that the sparse information about the NFC-enabled figures and their function have generated speculations instead. Instead of frustration, fans have started to entertain rumors about how the feature will work in-game. Hopeful gamers actually expressed their desire to see top NBA players turned into Amiibos.

Other rumors suspect that popular Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and the rest of gang could appear in-game. Meanwhile, some speculate that the figures could unlock hidden game modes, just like “Metroid: Samus Returns,” where a certain game mode is hidden with until a figure finally unlocks it. The latter option seems somewhat controversial for a lot of reasons.

NBA collectibles via Amiibos

Some collectors might jump on the opportunity to collect NBA memorabilia like player Amiibos. Nevertheless, Nintendo’s track record of keeping up with demand seems questionable at times. When the toys came out, gamers sought after each figure which was quite limited in their respective runs. Resellers, on the other hand, gained a lot from their sales especially when demand was an all-time high.

"NBA 2K18" figures are obviously going to sell even more given the pop-culture influence basketball players possess.

In-game content accessibility

One of the biggest concerns fans have against the “NBA 2K18” Amiibo support is if there would be unlockable content tied with a figure. Given the demand for the toys and Nintendo’s supply challenges, gamers would be locked out from certain game modes for sure. The Nintendo Switch itself is currently still trying to catch up with its availability due to overwhelming demand. Players are hoping Nintendo will address these challenges.