The latest drop of hints in the development of the next DLC forFriday the 13th: The Game” suggests the possible return of the juggling prankster Shelly Finkelstein to Crystal Lake. There have been several instances indicating his recent involvement in the popular horror survival video game.

Game developer IllFonic has been updating the fans of “Friday the 13th: The Game” with the recording of new Jason kills for the game’s upcoming DLC on Twitter. Kane Hodder is back in the studio wearing his motion capture suit for the session.

The crew shared several off-screen development photos and short clips teasing the convention of recording the mo-cap killings for the game.

But one image has quite caught the attention of fans.

Larry Zerner visits the set

As intriguing as it seems, actor Larry Zerner, who plays the role of Shelly Finkelstein in the “Friday the 13th” part 3 movie, made a pleasant visit to the set while the session was ongoing.

A snapshot of himself together with Hodder was shared on the game’s official Twitter account and it confirmed his presence in the studio at that time of the shooting. The caption of the photo said that the actor, the man responsible for Jason having his mask, was dropping by to say hi to Hodder.

But while the caption told fans he was only “dropping by to say hi,” many do wonder if it is just a coincidence that Zerner was right there at the perfect timing while the cast and crew are making the new content for the game.

Is it possible that Zerner is in talks with the development team to talk about his long-awaited comeback as Shelly in the F13 game? According to 1428Elm, the actor said that he welcomes the idea, thus there might be a little something there.

Comic-Con meet-up

Apparently, it was not the first time for Zerner to be seen hanging out with the game's development team.

Back at San Diego Comic-Con in July, the actor also met up with IllFonic during the show and each party tweeted about the meeting.

Although one can see these instances as just plain set visit and meet-up, the game developer could get a brilliant potential content feature out of it for the next DLC. The game pundit supposed that the addition of Shelly could work out as a new mission for Jason in the incoming single player mode.

Jason killing Shelly and taking his mask would be really exciting to put together in an onscreen scene in "Friday the 13th: The Game" since this happened offscreen in the film.

Here is a throwback video of Shelly's death scene in the "Friday The 13th" Part 3.