The latest “Breath Of The Wild” DLC is no joke when it comes to the new survival challenge as players will have to go through 45 levels of excruciating difficulty to unlock the full potential of the Master Sword. Here, you’ll be stripped away all of your armor, weapons, and food and will be left with nothing but the runes and your underpants. Think of the trial as something similar to Eventide but on a much grander scale.

Those who are unprepared for the challenge will end up disappointed and kicked out of the first few levels with nothing to show for it.

Aside from wit and game sense, players will also have to ready other factors before undertaking the challenge. Here are some tips that can help you survive and unlock the true power of the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild.

Fully upgrade the health and stamina meter

Polygon recently shared some really useful tips to help players start the Breath of the Wild expansion pack. The Master Trials sets the expectation that you already have a good grasp of the game and have done a good portion, if not completely finished, the main story. Seeing how Link lacks any equipment, the only thing he keeps is his hearts and stamina. Having a complete set will help give you a fighting chance in the harsh world as enemies can be extremely powerful.

If you’re not careful, monsters can easily kill Link with one or two hits depending on his hearts.

Expand Link’s Inventory

Aside from the hearts and stamina, Link should also increase his inventory slots to the maximum amount. You should be on the lookout for any Koroks lying around Hyrule for their seeds that are used for the upgrades.

Stocking up on food, weapons, and armor will be vital during the Master Trial and the last thing you would want is having to throw away important equipment or healing items. In addition to this tip, Link should always be picking up anything he can find on the floor as it will most likely be useful in the long run.

Make use of your surroundings and skills

While fighting enemies head on can be fun, you put Link at risk and also waste some powerful weapons along the way. The best method to dispose of most enemies is to use stealth to get around, and when getting the chance, landing a powerful sneak strike. Similarly, Link has unlimited access to bombs that can damage enemies. Don’t be afraid to keep throwing these explosives at your enemies to avoid having to waste valuable weapons. Link can also use his magnesis to use metal objects like crates as a weapon to attack or finish off foes.