Legendary raids are meant to be the most challenging aspect of the game Pokemon GO. But several players are looking for their own ways to defeat and catch all Legendary Pokemon in no time. The newest legendary Pokemon released by Niantic is Moltres. It is a flying fire-type Pokemon, but it has a lot of weaknesses, and it is not that hard to defeat.

It takes two players to beat Moltres

Up to 20 Pokemon GO players are allowed to fight legendary creatures, but according to a report from Kotaku, it takes only two players to defeat the legendary Moltres.

A player named boushinshi and his partner defeated Moltres easily. Both of the players were level 40, but they already prepared their Pokemon to face Moltres.

How did they do it?

Moltres has more than 40,000 combat power, but boushinshi and his partner dropped down Moltres’ health bar to zero in less than two minutes. The players used rock-type Pokemon like Golem to face Moltres. Rock or Ground-types resists Moltres’ primary attacks. Expert players of Pokemon GO recommend that players should have Golem or Tyranitar on their Pokedex before facing legendary creatures. Boushinshi and his partner uploaded a YouTube video showcasing their legendary battle.

Game earnings increased rapidly

Pokemon GO downloads and earnings suddenly increased after Niantic released the legendary raid feature.

According to data gathered by Appannie, a mobile analytics platform, after the Pokemon GO fest held in Chicago Grant Park where Lugia and Articuno were released, the game ranked as the overall top grossing US game and top grossing US application.

The Pokemon GO fest sale is also one of the reasons why the game dramatically increased its earnings.

Millions of players worldwide grabbed the GO fest sale opportunity as it offers discounted prices for raid passes and it also has additional convenient items like Pinap and Lures. The GO fest is a great move by Niantic. Fans are now hoping to see cooler features added to the game in the future like the trading feature or generation 3 Pokemon.

The next legendary creature to arrive in Pokemon GO is the electric flying type Zapdos. Electric, rock, grass and dragon type creatures like Golem, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Ryhdon, Piloswine, and Jinx take minimum damage from Zapdos, thus making them good counters. Zapdos will appear on raid battles from August 7 to 14. The best way to face Zapdos is to use rock type Pokemon like Golem. The Golem must have stone edge or rock throw move set.