Pokémon recently released a new phone app that takes place in a town where people compete with their Magikarp. They don't battle but rather they Jump. This flips the normal script of Pokémon, where you want the strongest Pokémon to battle and hurt each other, and the one who can last the longest in battle is the winner.

Self-care and self-worth

"The weak Pokémon that's you Magikarp, but though you are the weakest, you've still won my heart." -The Magikarp Song

Sure Magikarp aren't so great in battle. Splash, the only move a Magikarp can perform in battle, is pretty worthless.

That is in a normal Pokémon battle. When you are competing óver how high you can jump instead of lowering HP, these Magikarp suddenly have an amazing hidden talent. This is the whole premise of the game: celebrating the weakest Pokémon for something that it is good at.

Other Pokémon come and cheer on your Magikarp - Pikachu, Piplup, Charizard, Snorlax, Meowth, Rowlett and even more friends. All you have to do is purchase a different treat to lure these powerful Pokémon into your pond. These powerful friends are there to support Magikarp and show that they don't value the jumping competitions less than their traditional battles.

Real and real dark

This might be some good information you need to know before you start to play, especially if you're one to get emotionally connected to you new virtual pal.

Your Magikarp can die, or be killed more specifically. If you jump out of the water, or try and reach a berry high up in a tree, or in some other risky situtations, Pidgeotto, a flying pokemon, can come and take your Magikarp away. Luckily Pigeotto will only take Magikarp out of your home pond once, and after this first loss you are only in danger when you leave the safety of your pond.

No one gets hurt

Pokémon battles involve taking two Pokémon and having them fight, violently attacking each other and lowering the other's health points. The winner causes the other to loose so much health, they faint. In Magikarp jump, the winner only has to jump higher, not harm another fish.


The Magikarp game, unlike the much more popular "Pokemon Go!," doesn't require moving.

A common complaint of "Pokémon Go" was that it wasn't very accessible for people who had mobility issues and could also encourage trespassing for a Pokémon. As a click-through style game, it requires very little skill or mobility. All it requires is a single tap anywhere on the touch screen to be able to continue on though the game. This makes the game fun and accessible to all ages and abilities.