The Sims 4” is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 17, 2017. It is available in two versions with amazing features and additional contents. Here are the eight things that players should know before the game’s release date.

1 Early access

EA announced that Xbox One owners with EA Access subscription could play the game a week early. They can have the early access on November 9, 2017, for free but for a limited time only.

2 What to get from pre-ordering a version

“The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 are offered in two versions. It includes the Standard and Deluxe Party editions which cost $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.

Unlike with most games, the two editions are already finished and will not have any missing features.

If players order the Standard Edition, they will receive the base game and “The Sims 4” Perfect Patio Stuff as a freebie. It will offer amazing features such as the new hot tubs, bonus décor for outdoor oasis, and a collection of new apparel. Players can also set-up an open-air lounge area by the pool using different furnishings and décor.

If Simmers order the Deluxe Party Edition, they will have the base game, the Patio Stuff Pack, and early access to the game on November 14. They will also get the Life of the Party Digital Content, Up All Night Digital Content, and Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content.

These DLC contents feature the Flaming Tiki Bar, stylish outfits, laser light show, fun decors, party costumes, and a collection of animal hats.

3 Gameplay, features & updates

“The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 will give the same gameplay experience as its PC version. Moreover, it comes with all the updates and contents released in the base game.

It includes Ghosts and Pools, New careers, half-walls, and dishwashers.

The game also offers the world of Newcrest, new Create-A-Sim tool with expanded gender customization options, and Toddlers. Moreover, the Sims team will also be releasing updates and enhancements periodically.

4 Game will offer social features, achievements, and trophies

The console version of the game will also provide an in-game game hub, which players have yet to learn. It will also offer an achievement/trophy support for both consoles. Moreover, Simmers can also share screenshots and stream gameplay using the built-in features of Xbox One and PS4.

5 No gallery feature

Unlike the PC version, “The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 will not offer the gallery feature. However, its players can still share their experience and contents using the social features on their platforms.

6 Downloadable contents, file saves & creations

The upcoming game for consoles will offer “The Sims 4” DLC lineup. It includes the highly anticipated expansion, game, and stuff packs.

The prices will be on par with those in Origin excluding the sales and promotions.

EA has also revealed that game's downloadable contents are specific to a platform and are non-transferable. Hence, if players already have the downloadable contents on PC or Mac, they cannot use it in the console versions. The concept is also applicable to file saves and creations, which are unique to the platform where they were created and are non-transferable.

7 Will the console versions allow in-game cheats?

Simmers will be allowed to use in-game cheats in "The Sims 4" for Xbox One and PS4. Unlike other console games with limited cheats, “The Sims 4” will bring all cheats from the PC version.

8 Can players not pre-order and still get the game?

If players cannot pre-order the game, they can still own “The Sims 4” Perfect Patio stuff pack. It will be available for purchase after launch. More details and additional content releases will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more “The Sims” updates!