Game company Koei Tecmo has released more details of their upcoming role-playing game “Nights Of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon.” The news contains details on the story, pre-order bonuses, and a new trailer showcasing more gameplay and info.

Saving the world with a sacrifice

The upcoming game title starts when the news that the evil Moon Queen has come again and will destroy humanity, and only through a sacrifice could it be saved. The priestess Liliana is supposed to be that sacrifice, which is called the Bride of Time, but her friends, Aluche and Ruenheid defy such a cruel fate.

After dueling with their enemies, Aluche is killed by a demon during the battle.

Coming back with new powers and a cruel fate

Due to many circumstances, Aluche gets revived and acquires new powers to defeat her enemies with the help of a half-demon. Since she is given a new life and a chance to get revenge, she comes back to her hometown and meets up with her close friend, Ruenheid. They plan to defeat the ones who are holding their friend, Liliana and save the world at the same time.

New allies and summons

The main protagonist and her best friend will gain several new allies in their journey in “Nights of Azure 2.” These people will be the ex-Curian Knight Muveil Folin Lou, who the protagonist adores and follows as a role model, the half-demon assassin Veruschka, new Curian doctor Camilla Alucard, and Arnice the Nightlord.

The red-haired half-demon protagonist can also summon new allies aside from the ones they get throughout her journey. She can make a contract with monsters along the way, which are called Servans and grant her companions new powers to fight the forces of the Moon Queen. These monsters include Nero, Scharf, which is an electric dog, Feuille the fairy, Kaede who uses a Shikigami, Farfalla the butterfly, Hexer the shadow fiend, and Perle that looks like a dolphin.

The Servans come in two types, which are the Strikers and the Trickers. The Strikers are the ones that use their powers for strong attacks and can turn into weapons for their owners to wield in battle. The other type, Trickers, use their powers to support their owners like removing walls that block the way and open up new roads.

Bonus pre-order DLC details revealed

Interested buyers who want to pre-order the video game will be rewarded with costume DLC for the main protagonist. She will also get three new Servans as well together with the pre-order bonus costume. Those who will purchase the game through the PSN within four weeks after its release will get a free custom theme exclusively.

Owners of Gust’s “Blue Reflection” will get a new bonus if they also get “Nights of Azure 2.” If they got the game through digital or retail purchase, they will get a special collaboration for both games and they will have costumes that represent each game. Aluche will get Hinako’s costume, while Hinako will get Aluche’s costume in their respective games.

Check out “Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon” Action Trailer here: