The Nintendo Switch is a nifty console that can be played on-the-go if you need to be somewhere to be or if you want to play with a friend. Each Joy-Con also acts as a separate controller so you can share the fun with a friend without having to buy another controller. In line with this, one of the Switch’s highlights is being able to play with your friends, making it some sort of “party console.” There are some games that support controls for one Joy-Con each, making them great co-op games with friends. Below is a list of good games you can play with others using the feature.


This puzzle game is one of the Nintendo Switch’s launch games and has become quite popular for its creativity. The game itself is meant to be played with another person as players will take control of two pieces of paper. “Snipperclips” is a stage-based game and the only way to proceed is by performing feats like pushing a ball to a certain location or by popping balloons up in the air. Players will have to cut their partner’s piece of paper and work together in order to solve these obstacles. The game also has other modes for four players and even a battle mode where you and your friends must cut each other up with the remaining paper the victor.

‘Shovel Knight’

Shovel Knight” quickly rose to fame in the gaming industry after is released back in 2014.

This tricky platforming game lets players take control of the Shovel Knight who must rescue his beloved Shield Knight who is already presumed to be dead. While the single player alone is fun, fans can pass on another Joy-Con to their friends and share the adventure, as per Twinfinite. You and your pal can brave through the challenging puzzles together and even take on the bosses as a team.

However, take note that the boss will have double the health to keep things challenging.

‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’

Despite being a Wii U port, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” was still a solid addition to the system's growing library. This franchise is one of Nintendo’s most iconic games due to the star-studded crossover and silly mechanics.

From the name itself, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is a kart racing game filled with Nintendo characters. The game truly shines through its courses and items that you can use to gain the upper hand during races. The game supports online multiplayer so you can race with people around the world, but you can also opt to race with a friend using the other Joy-Con instead.