New details for "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" will feature the possibility of an Xbox One version and future games for the "Crash" series.

'Crash' remaster coming to the Xbox One

Several new pieces of evidence for "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" revealed the possibility of the remaster game being ported to the Xbox One console. The new information revealed that Vicarious Visions artist Kara Zisa changed her interface to add the game to her list of accomplishments in her portfolio.

In Zisa's portfolio within the assorted media showing, in-game menus and slides indicating the use of Xbox control buttons in the interface.

The game's save screen featured both "A" select button and "B" back button, thus teasing that the game will somehow end up in the Xbox One.

The Xbox One version of the famed PS4 remaster has been the subject of many rumors and speculations, as Sony was very specific that the game will remain a PlayStation exclusive. However, there is alway a possibility of business dealings that could make a claim valid since it has been hinted that exclusivity of the game will only be for one year.

The real question lies with the decision of having the game be ported to other gaming platforms as Activision has no problems doing so, the third party developer and publisher.

Gaming fans will just have wait for more information from Activision and Vicarious Visions if they will go through the process of having the "N.

Sane Trilogy" ported to other game platforms soon.

New game sequels in the future

The "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" featured all three games from the original PlayStation games: "Crash Bandicoot," " Cortex Strikes Back," and "Warped."

The remastered game proved to be a huge success worldwide, leaving the possibility of new sequels for the next generation of game consoles.

Creative director Dan Tanguay assured that a new sequel would be in the works soon, as he showed confidence the remastered game would deliver on that promise.

"Would we love to see another Crash game? A new one? Absolutely," Tanguay said." But we'll have to wait and see how this one sells and what the people above decide."

Vicarious Visions producer Kara Massie also teased a "Crash Team Racing" remaster for the PS4 soon, as long as gaming fans have "asked" them to do so.

For now, fans will likely look forward into the future development of the "Crash Bandicoot" game series for the old and new generation of gamers.