Details about The Last Of Us 2 remains in secrecy as Naughty Dog is putting more of its attention into the coming “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.” Although that’s the case, the action-adventure video game’s director neil druckmann regularly gives little teasers about its gameplay on his Twitter page.

The 38-year-old video game programmer shared an image of a woman and it caught the attention of the game enthusiasts. Quickly, the photo gives birth to a lot of new theories and assumptions in what going to transpire in the upcoming title.

A new stunt performance

In the snap, the known stuntwoman Jessie Graff is seen in action wearing a motion capture suit, Gaming Bolt reported. She is in a middle of a kick-jump when the photo is taken.

Is this connected to “The Last of Us 2?” Fans quickly think that this scene will be included in the sequel of the survival horror video game. As the picture emerges, some believe that the title will have a “flashy action” gameplay.

However, it is not yet known if Jessie Graff stunts’ performance is for Ellie, although it could be possible as there are no other female characters in the game but her. Naughty Dog has yet to reveal additional details about the much-awaited title. But, fans are now waiting to hear more from it at the coming PlayStation Experience 2017.To recall, the game is not seen at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 last June.

Another mo-cap coming

Moreover, earlier reports have revealed that there will be a new mo-cap star coming in “The Last of Us 2” as teased by, none other than, Neil Druckmann.

The game’s director shared a photo of a big old hog. From the looks of it; the boar is going to be seen in the game sequel. "Today's mo-cap session is off to a great start," he captioned the picture. The game’s writer Halley Gross, on the other hand, posted a short video where the pig is being trained and given a treat.

However, neither of the two mentioned the title of the game and the porker’s role in it.

The claim can also be proved with the harness, which is assumed to be a mo-cap gear, as seen in Gross’ clip.

Meanwhile, the fans are still long waiting for the release of “The Last of Us 2,” although details about it remain scarce. But, in another tweet by Neil Druckmann earlier, he revealed that he is also excited to show more of Ellie and Joel’s new journeys in the game sequel.

“But right now it's Chloe and Nadine's time to shine,” he said. “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” will be released on Aug. 22.