When it comes to city building games, "The Sims" is considered a very reputed franchise. The first edition of the game was released back in the year 2000, and since then it has become very popular. The popularity of "The Sims" reached its peak with the launch of "The Sims 3." The game got a significant number of players and it was really popular among them as well. The success of "The Sims" made EA, publish the next edition of the game, "The Sims 4." Although the game was released back in the year of 2014, there was a problem for some players in that it was only released for the Microsoft Windows platform and not the Xbox One platform.

Since its release, "The Sims 4" has done a really good job in three consecutive years so there is a chance that EA could extend the game to greater numbers of players. There is speculation that EA may look to launch the game for XBox One platform at the end of this year.

'The Sims 4' in last four years

Over the last three years, "The Sims 4" has received a lot of content update and it has really helped to keep the player in the game. The popularity of "The Sims 4" has never dropped in the last three years, and this is probably why Electronic Arts is now looking to engage with more players in future, though we are yet to receive any official confirmation from the Electronic Arts.

The possibility of this has spiked after a title posted in the Microsoft Store.

The title clearly said that "The Sims 4" is coming for the XBox One platform. The title also mentioned the date as well and it is expected to launch for the XBox One on 17th November 2017.

What is expected?

It is expected that the launch of "The Sims 4" will bring more features and options for the players. Currently, "The Sims 4" has about five million active players and that is really a significant number, so, it can be expected that with the launch of new features the popularity of the game spike.

At the same time, more XBox one users will be attracted to the game as well.

Apart from the Standard Edition of "The Sims 4"' game, there will also be a deluxe edition of the game. It is expected that the deluxe edition of the game will bring more fun to die-hard players. The deluxe edition will give access to the stimulating game three days before launching and it will have some extra features. The city- building game lovers are really looking forward to playing with the new simulation based game and it is expected that the game will become highly popular with Xbox one players.