"Super Mario Bros" is a very popular gaming brand. There have been several different "Super Mario" games released over the years and they continue to be made for the latest gaming consoles. Recently a game collector came across an Original 1980 "Super Mario Bros" game. He put the game up for sale on eBay and has received $30,000 for the mint condition game. The individual who purchased the game also spent a further $11,000 on another original game.

The game sold for thousands of dollars

According to the Business Insider, there are several thousand copies of the "Super Mario Bros" game which just sold for $30,000 on eBay.

However, the version of the game which was advertised and sold was particularly unique. It was an early edition of the game and was still in its original shrink wrap packaging. The game was originally sold for just $24.99 back in 1980 making this "Super Mario Bros" version three decades old.

The seller spoke with Kotaku about potentially selling the game. He stated that the game had simply been sitting in his office for years. He decided to put it up for sale on eBay and began to receive several outstanding offers for the purchase of the game. One has to wonder why the game was purchased and never used. However, to whoever bought it that lack of interest in playing the game has led to a small fortune.

The buyer bought some other games as well

According to Time, the identity of the buyer has to remain secret for legal purposes. However, the seller of the games revealed that the buyer of the "Super Mario Bros" also purchased several other games at the same time. One such game was a sealed copy of the game "Kid Icarus" which sold for over $11,000.

The seller of the games, who remains unidentified, has stated that he used to be a games dealer. This would explain why he has so many old games worth thousands of dollars. He has told the press that he simply happened upon the "Super Mario Bros" game and thinks that it must have been sold to him several years ago with several other games.

One has to wonder what the buyer of the game intends on doing with it. It is entirely possible that they will keep it in their possession for another few decades before selling it on for even more than the $30,000 asked of them. The buyer has made no comment about his plans for the games.

The public is astounded that someone would have $40,000 spare on them let alone spending it on two games. There are only a dozen of the original 1980 "Super Mario Bros" games left out there. Whoever owns them has a small fortune in their hands.