Respawn Entertainment has recently unveiled the news that "Titanfall 2" will be getting a new co-op horde mode for four players, which will be called "Frontier Defense."

Frontier Defense details revealed

Anyone familiar with the Tower Defense mode of a certain video game will see some similarities with the new mode called Frontier Defense for "Titanfall 2." It will allow four players to join in a co-op mode, and they will have to defend their team's Harvester. They will have to face five waves of enemies, and the challenging part is that it will be more difficult in the next wave to overwhelm them.

Important tools can be purchased with the help of the money players can get from defeating one enemy from the waves. They can purchase sentries to shore up defenses, arc traps to slow down enemies, batteries, and more.

Difficulties to choose from

Easy, Regular, Hard, and Master are the four different difficulties "Titanfall 2" players can choose from at first. The game developers also revealed that there will be an Insane Difficulty to choose from, but it will be in another title and it will be a featured mode for it. They also promised that players will be in for a challenging fight with the new types of enemies they introduced with the new mode.

New Titan Progression unveiled

Fans of the video game will find a new Titan Progression feature with this new mode, which is called "Aegis Ranks." They can earn these ranks by completing matches of Frontier Defense, and they can be used for some helpful items.

New upgrades can be purchased with these new ranks for their Titans, which will be a tremendous advantage for them at higher levels, but it will be limited to Frontier Defense for now.

Supported and new maps at launch

There will be five maps that will be supported for this new Frontier Defense mode, which are War Games, Rise, Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, and Blackwater Canal.

In the future, there will be new maps, but for now, the game developers will be testing the other maps for compatibility. Players will also get a new map called "Rise" and also a new live fire map called "Township."

Paid Elite Warpaints to purchase

Aside from the new mode, freebies, and new maps, players can also purchase new contents, which include Elite Warpaints for the weapons and Titans.

They will get some boosts in experience with these new skins aside from changing the looks of their weapons and Titans. The best part is that they will not need to wear the skins because they only need to own them to get the bonuses.

Until Aug. 28, these new weapons skins can be bought in a bundle, but they can also buy the skins one by one if they want to. The Titan skins will be limited edition, which will an advantage for the collectors, and it will be on sale. These experience boosts will be stackable for the players and it will be available for the whole team members that join the Frontier Defense mode.

Details on upcoming DLC and launch date

Operation Frontier Shield will be the name of the DLC for "Titanfall 2," which will include the new mode Frontier Defense. This free DLC will be launched on July 25 for all platforms this game is available on. Check out "Titanfall 2" Operation Frontier Shield Gameplay Trailer below.