Respawn Entertainment has another big update coming for its widely popular first-person shooter game “Titanfall 2.” The developer has just announced a new free DLC update. Respawn made the huge announcement this week.

According to Respawn, the game’s latest free DLC update will be adding a game-changing feature when it released in the wild on June 27. The upcoming DLC content, titled “The War Games,” will enable a third weapon slot. Additionally, the new update will also allow players to bring an anti-titan weapon on board, giving the player a more flexible way of selecting weapons.

“Titanfall” players will no longer have to choose between an anti-titan item and a pistol.

The Titans and their pilots

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, “Titanfall 2” is a first-person shooter video game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A sequel to Respawn’s original Titanfall game (2014), the game was first released in the wild in October 2016.

Similar to its predecessor, the game also allows players to control both the large mecha-style exoskeleton of Titans and their pilots. Additionally, Respawn has equipped its pilots with tons of abilities to enhance their fighting style and efficiency during combat. These special fighting abilities include zip-lining, cloaking, and even parkour moves like wall running and double jumping.

Respawn has used a heavily modified version of the previous game's engine in the new "Titanfall" game. Some of the big improvements made in the new "Titanfall" game include some enhancement to the graphical rendering system, as well as a new audio system with support for sound occlusion and reverb. But unlike the previous version of the game, the new “Titanfall” now includes a full single-player story mode, focusing more on the relationship between Titans and their pilots.

Respawn has made a strong commitment to the game, releasing most of the post-release maps and game modes free of charge. However, a planned virtual reality version of the game has failed to get full production.

Upon its first release in the market, “Titanfall 2” was immediately met with highly positive reviews, with gaming sites praising the game’s single-player campaign for its design and execution and the various multiplayer modes.

Despite the game’s positive reception and reviews, the first-person shooter game still underperformed commercially, struggling for survival.

What to expect from the upcoming free DLC update

As mentioned by IGN, the upcoming “War Games” free DLC content will be going to feature two new maps, in which the first of the two new maps will be called the War Games. Reports said that the new map will look like a simulated Battlezone, which will feature multi-storey buildings and wide-spaced open city streets for fierce Titan actions.

As for the second new map, Respawn said the second new map will be a weathered test site called Traffic and its intended for the small-area pilots-only Life Fire mode.

In addition to the two new maps, Respawn is also adding a new pilot execution, which will be called "Shadow Boxing," in the DLC update.

There’s also an undefined new mode titled Free Agent, but Respawn has not provided much information about this undefined new mode. So expect Respawn to share a more detailed information about the upcoming free DLC content in the coming days, closer to launch date.

Titanfall 2” is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.