Looks like fans of Respawn Entertainment's hit FPS (first-person shooter) video game, "Titanfall 2" are in for a treat. On Tuesday, July 18, the game developer announced it is launching a four-player co-op mode dubbed as Frontier Defense to the game via its next free update.

Frontier Defense detailed

Frontier Defense was introduced in the first "Titanfall" as free DLC (downloadable content) seven months after the game was released. In this horde-style mode, players will join forces forming squads of four to battle incoming waves of villains. Aside from that, players will be safeguarding a machine dubbed as the Harvester.

The studio warrants a myriad of never-before-seen enemy types.

With kills, you can earn cash and use it to buy valuable tools such as arc traps and sentries for your squad in the midst of waves. You'd be eligible to receive titan upgrades in a new progression dubbed Aegis Ranks once you complete Frontier Defense sessions. Currently, the updates will be restricted only to this mode, according to a report from Polygon.

When is it arriving?

The new mode, coupled with two new maps will be up for grabs on Tuesday, July 25. In line with Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts' unequaled DLC policy, you can get all this without shelling out even a single dime.

Frontier Defense features

According to a blog post on the game developer's official website, the following features will be added to the upcoming mode:

  • Co-op 4 player mode
  • Safeguard your Harvester from five increasingly difficult waves of enemies
  • Defeat enemies and earn cash that you can use between waves to buy Batteries and other useful tools
  • Difficulty levels range from Easy, Regular, Hard to Master
  • Aside from that, it will feature an Insane difficulty level that will come in a different tile in the form of a Featured Mode.
  • Brand new Titan Progression dubbed, 'Aegis Ranks'
  • New enemy types to lock horns with
  • Five new maps supported at release including Blackwater Canal, Rise, War Games, Forwardbase Kodai, and Homestead

While Rise and Township maps are slated to be added to the game, more maps will be introduced to the mode shortly.

Rise comes to pass in a forsaken desert reservoir and Township, on the other hand, is a Live Fire map. Moreover, the update will comprise Titans that you can acquire by shelling out real money and brand new warpaints for weapons. Much to the delight of "Titanfall" fans, the game will be free to play from July 28th through July 30th.