Respawn Entertainment rolled out the latest major update for “Titanfall 2” dubbed "Monarch’s Reign". The update is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The massive patch introduces a new map. In addition, it adds a new Titan, Monarch. Aside from those, it rolls out balances for weapons. These are just a few of the many tweaks brought along by the patch. Interestingly, the hidden part of the update reveals more about the game modes and other future content as discovered by data miners.

Latest discoveries

Titanfall 2” Monarch Reign update contains several files that provide clues about new modes and future content of the game.

Aside from those, Archon change is found in the game code and text bank tokens of the recent update. Moreover, Large Frontier Defense updates and new settings are found in the files of the game.

Possible game modes

From the files, several codes were uncovered and among them is the enable_colliseum_party playlist found in the files of patch 1.07. According to speculations, this would probably refer to the Wingman Coliseum mode. Furthermore, in Wingman Coliseum, players will be allowed to use the Wingman gun that is restricted in the regular coliseum match. There were other game modes discovered, which includes Core Meter mode, lowered health and modified weapon performance mode.

The Core Meter mode, as speculated, would most likely grant players’ access to weapons regardless of their performance.

On the other hand, the code low_ttk and tactical_rebalance settings might refer to an upcoming major mode for a player with 50 percent health and enable them to modify their weapon.

Meanwhile, the Frontier Defense mode would most likely be an independent mode with its own currency and player level. Among the settings found in the code includes 2 waves setting, 2500 points to win setting and 4 players setting.

There is also a mention of Frontier Defense exclusive boost system as well as Angel City exclusive Frontier Defense setting.

Moreover, new boost icons for Arc traps, Harvester, and nuke Titan drop were also discovered from the codes. There is also a setting that describes the Legion Gunshields to last indefinitely for NPCs. In addition, NPC can now be used and locked on with Archer rockets.

There is also a mention of new Arc Trap feature and new NPC AI improvements for every tick and AI depending on the type of the Titan.

In the Frontier Defense mode, there would be exclusive level system and currency. Aside from that players could also build up the mode to be a major feature similar to Multiplayer and Campaign. Given the magnitude of the settings found, and if these are activated in the live settings of “Titanfall 2,” it appears that this mode could be a massive one.