It's safe to say that Rockstar Games' upcoming Western action-adventure video game dubbed, "Red Dead Redemption 2" has garnered huge popularity even before it hits the store shelves, thanks to the hype surrounding the title. However, the game developer decided to push back the hotly-anticipated game's launch to 2018 despite earlier confirming a 2017 release for "RDR2."

Reason for delayed launch

As expected, this stirred conversations among “Red Dead” loyalists for whom the lag was a huge downer. While there's no information regarding the exact date the game was originally scheduled to arrive this year, it looks like fans are left with no choice but to continue waiting with bated breath for the already long-awaited sequel to "RDR."

On the bright side

While the delayed launch spells nothing but bad news for the huge fan base of the "Red Dead" series, this could turn out to be advantageous for some as far as the release of other PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games are concerned.

In the wake of "Red Dead Redemption 2" postponed launch, the studio is likely to deviate its focus on its cash cow, "GTA 5 Online" and continue rolling out more content in the bid to minimize the decline of its massive user base due to the delay; however, there are some who are likely to benefit even from this ill-favored lag.

According to Ubisoft’s CFO Alain Martinez, the delayed release of "RDR2" will allow the company to launch some of their games more aptly. During an earning call, Martinez noted that the absence of "RDR" will prove favorable for their fiscal year 2018 by giving them a relatively better window for the release of their games.

Although this seems to be an ideal move from Ubisoft's perspective, Martinez is doubtful about whether or not this will have a positive outcome.

Despite having a lot of confidence, he believes it is too early to make any sort of adjustments. The French multinational video game publisher has a slew of big launches including "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" arriving on October 17, and "Assassin's Creed: Origins" scheduled for October 27 release.

Meanwhile, Rockstar attributes the delayed arrival of "RDR2" to pending adjustments.

As a result, the game is now set to debut in spring next year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to Strauss Zelnick, chairman and chief executive of Rockstar's parent company Take-Two, players will purchase "Red Dead Redemption 2" regardless of its release date provided the game is good enough.