Square Enix released new information about their upcoming game in the West entitled "Lost Sphear." The game welcomes two new characters and two new Vulcosuits that significantly help the characters. "Vulcosuits" are one main point that most players should focus.

These machines give numerous benefits for players on their journey. First, they must be aware that these machines use VP (Vulcopoints) that will deplete on each action rendered. When these points run out, then players are forced out of the machine to walk by foot.

The previous update revealed the release date and some in-game screenshots of Lost Sphear.

Twitter use Nintendo of America posted some screenshots of the physical copy of the game (Nintendo Switch version). The post can be viewed below:

Along with the previous update, those who pre-order the game for PlayStation 4 will get an exclusive PS4 theme, featuring the main logo and background of the said game. A Twitter post from PlayStation shows us a sneak peek.

Sherra (Ciera) and Obaro

First, here's how the look like from Twitter user Nintendo Everything:

The one on the left side is Sherra (spelled Ciera basing on the Japanese translation) while the one on the right is Obaro.

By looking at the picture above, fans could tell that Sherra uses the bow and Obaro uses a rod. In most RPG games, it is a staple that the one holding the bow is skilled in ranged attacks while the rod is used for magic. Sherra is small in stature but high in physical ability. She is the master of the bow and the battle priestess of the clan called "People of Twilight." She is also adept in healing magic, which is an essential ability in RPG games.

On the other hand, Obaro is a mysterious man that was freed from "Lost," a state where one's existence is erased. He himself calls him king, other times, he calls himself "Armored Man." While regretting his actions done in the past, he assists Kanata, the one who freed him from being "Lost." He specializes in area damage with his elemental magic.

The Vulcosuits: Fadiel and Legrufa

The two Vulcosuits that were revealed were Fadiel and Legrufa. As mentioned before, these machines significantly help the characters in Lost Sphear and play a major role. Here are the reasons why:

  • Vulcosuits are used to travel faster, like a horse, using the "Boost" on the area map allows players to move faster.
  • Vulcosuits are used to clear obstacles blocking the path.
  • By building the ATB gauge during battle, players can control a Vulcosuit. This will consume half of their ATB gauge.


Fadiel is an original Vulcosuit found in the castle of Lagunes. This is the first Vulcosuit that reacted to Kanata's first contact with it. Fadiel can have superior communication skills that can link to other Vulcosuits nearby.

It's Paradigm Drive is "Co-op."


On the other hand, Legrufa is found in the same castle and reacted to Van. In line with its reaction and activation, Van's "Bits" is supported by this Vulcosuit. It's Paradigm Drive is "Galatine."

Lost Sphear will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 12 in Japan. On the other hand, the game will be released on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on January 23 next year on North America and Europe.